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50,000 Ground Control Points GCPs

These readily available, archive Ground Control Points or GCPs allow you to accurately correct or enhance aerial or satellite imagery and LiDAR data for any mapping project.

Deliverables with each downloaded Ground Control Points from the CompassData archive include:

  • Coordinate File containing Lat/Long/Elevation and Metadata, in either text or spreadsheet format
  • Project Report containing information on:
  • Equipment used in data collection
  • Procedures
  • Accuracy Report
  • Image Chip showing GCP collection location
  • Sketch diagram, hand-drawn by field data collector
  • Digital pictures of the GCP location, showing each cardinal direction

Accuracy Matters!!!

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Accuracy Matters Ground Control Points


CompassData has a team of experienced geospatial experts working for your needs producing complex and detailed geospatial multilayer mapping for your operational intelligence in all stages of the production or management process.

Consult CompassData team about how your data can get more accurate and bring to you improvement in the decision making.


The more than 50,000 Ground Control Points in the CompassData archive have all passed rigorous quality-control procedures and most of the points have been collected for customers who have used them in the orthorectification process or subsequent QA to validate accuracy.

The Ground Control Points Archives includes points in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. CompassData maintains its own GNSS survey crews as well as 30 international partners capable of acquiring high-accuracy points anywhere in the world in a matter of weeks.

The World's Largest Commercially Available Ground Control Points Data Set

If your project requires Ground Control Points, look no further. CompassData provides complete global coverage, with more than 45,438 photo identifiable Ground Control Points available right now, and more GCPs being collected all the time.

The control points residing in the CompassData archive have readily view-able metadata indicating the date of collection, the positional quality, and additional supporting data including a control point sketch and photographs of the point taken during collection.

Ground Control Applications: Satellite

Satellite data is improving, but the fact is, the vast majority of satellite imagery available today requires Ground Truth to create accurate maps. Orthorectification without GCPs is inherently inaccurate.

Ground Control Applications: Aerial

When planning an aerial data collection effort, a review of the available CompassData control points in the archive may allow for the use of existing control data, eliminating or reducing the need to send a survey crew into the field, saving you time and money on your project.

Not all points in the archive will be usable in any given photogrammetric project, but they do provide an independent check against existing data and can provide an excellent starting point for troubleshooting any aerial project control issues or to provide an initial starting point for image positioning or project layout.

CompassData also provides rapid-response ground control retrieval virtually anywhere in the world at the customers’ desired level of accuracy, and in a timely, cost-effective manner, to supplement Ground Control Points from our archive for their projects.

Data from competitors won’t be perfect, but it will be close. That’s not good enough for CompassData’s Control Freaks. We have the most accurate, precise data in the industry.



CompassAA™ & CompassTA™, the right choice for Accuracy and Topo Analyses

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Ground Control
Contrary to popular belief, higher quality aerial or satellite imagery will not replace the need for ground control. In fact, ground control point collection becomes increasingly more important as image quality improves and user expectations increase.
To ensure map accuracy, utilize the Ground Truth of surveyed Ground Control data.

And, for LiDAR Quality Control and Quality Assurance, incorporate Ground Control checkpoints throughout the collection and validation process.

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CompassData, Inc. Ground Control Points are
the largest commercially available collection of Ground Control Points.
Written by: Hong Guo/Ground Control Points

"Our Google Geo department bought several hundreds of ground control points from CompassData. The transactions were smooth and the delivery of the data was on time. The staff people are knowledgeable and know what they are doing. Really appreciate your business."

Date published: 02/11/2015
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