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The Compass Suite of Companies

CompassData, Inc. is a locally owned Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) specializing in collecting data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, photogrammetry and remotely sensed data.

CompassCom software offers the industry’s most flexible platform and applications for GPS tracking development, and deployment of real-time data and mobile IOT.

CompassDrone, Inc. provides complete drone solutions including data collection, data processing, certified training, and consulting.

Our History

CompassData, Inc. was founded by Margaret J. Howard and W. Brant Howard in Centennial, Colorado in 1994 as part of the CompassCom family of companies. We were incorporated separately in November 2003 as a woman-owned small business led by Chief Executive Officer Kate Schlatter.

The CompassData “Control Freaks” has collected over 65,000 Ground Control Points across six of the seven continents. We don’t have Antarctica…. Yet! CompassData is proud to offer the industry’s largest commercially available archive of Ground Control Points around the world which can be used for orthorectification, airport mapping, data verification, and sensor calibration. We provide the best quality geo-spatial data. Our mission is to map the world and make reliable, high accuracy data accessible and affordable. Our software tools also enable automated quality control of imagery and LiDAR products. We understand our clients’ needs and work hard to meet and exceed their expectations. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and make our client’s processes easier.

CompassData has worked with geospatial professionals in many industries and with our aerial experience and knowledge base for accuracy CompassData was led into the UAV business as well. In 2016, CompassData created a dba CompassDrone specializing in processing high-quality, spatially accurate data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, photogrammetry, LiDAR and remotely sensed data. CompassDrone is a full-service dealer for sale, rental, or lease of drone equipment. We provide software, services, and training for drone-based data collection for industrial grade remote sensing projects.

We specialize in collecting high-quality, spatially accurate data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, photogrammetry, and remotely sensed data. And… we use the latest in Global Positioning System (GNSS) technology combined with years of field experience, along with a proven system, to ensure the accuracy and currency of our data.

Meet the Management Team

Kate Schlatter

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Schlatter is a highly experienced leader in the geospatial industry, with over 25 years of experience in leadership roles. She has been the Chief Operating Officer for CompassCom Software and CompassData for over 18 years, giving her an excellent understanding of the company and its capabilities. As Chief Operating Officer, Kate drove operational objectives and formulated strategies for success and growth. Kate holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University, wherein she focused on Organizational Management. Kate is a natural leader, with a strong ability to motivate and inspire employees. She is also a great communicator and able to articulate the company's vision to staff and stakeholders.

As the new CEO of CompassData Inc., Kate will be responsible for spearheading the company's overall strategy and growth, working with the team to develop and implement new products and services, with emphasis on expanding the customer base. Kate is a strong advocate for distributed decision-making and the concept of empowerment throughout the company. Specifically, she views her team as partners, enabling them to make decisions with authority and responsibility.

With her unwavering passion and commitment to CompassData, Kate values balance, responsibility, continuous improvement, respect, and good sportsmanship. She strives to lead her team to work for the greater good!

With her inspiring leadership and business acumen, Kate believes in Accuracy, Trust, and Results. Her commitment to continuously expand CompassData’s worldwide data set of accurate geospatial data will serve the community to improve products for designing, building, and maintaining a sustainable and resilient future.

Hayden Howard

Hayden Howard

Executive Vice President

Hayden Howard has been a valued member of the CompassData team for several years, and he is now taking on a new role as Executive Vice President. With 22 years in the company, Hayden has been a leader in the geospatial profession and has been for overseeing our mapping projects and developing new strategies for efficient data collection and successful delivery of projects. A priority for Hayden is to represent the values of CompassData and ensure customer satisfaction is met. With his expertise in business strategy, product and service innovation, management and strategic planning, Hayden is well suited to lead the future of CompassData business development and growth. He provides Accuracy, Trust and Results for their customers and advancing the use of geospatial technology for the greater good.

Brant Howard

Brant Howard

CEO CompassCom Software Corporation

Mr. Howard is the Chief Executive Officer of CompassCom Software Corporation and the Founder of the Compass Family of Companies including CompassData and CompassDrone. With 40 years’ experience in the Geospatial Profession, Mr. Howard leads CompassCom in its goal to be the world leader in the development and integration of Mobile Resource Management solutions. Mr. Howard has sold, designed, and managed the integration for GNSS tracking and fleet management systems. Mr. Howard has patented technology based on GNSS, GIS, IoT and wireless networks. Under Mr. Howard's leadership CompassCom has grown as the most reliable and flexible provider of Mobile Resource Management solutions in the industry.

As an advocate for GPS and GIS since the inception of the Compass Family of Companies in 1994, Mr. Howard works vigorously in the industry to create business relationships and generate opportunities for the growth of the company. Mr. Howard is a problem solver, working closely with his customers to produce solutions that will streamline their workflow, save time, increase safety, and overall meet their needs. Prior to being an entrepreneur and business development expert, Mr. Howard was a Hydrogeologist with the United State Geological Survey, Water Resources Division. He supervised well drilling and completion, pump tests, and field inventory efforts. He has collected GPS data, designed GIS programs, and managed programs that coordinated multiple geospatial disciplines from hydrology, surveying, GIS mapping, and aerial imagery. Through his industry knowledge, relationships in the industry, and world travel, Mr. Howard assists in providing a vision and direction for the success of CompassCom.

Maggie Howard

Margaret J. Howard

Co-Founder, and Chairwomen of the Board

Margaret J. Howard co-founded CompassCom in 1994, which later split into three companies in 2003. From the inception of the organizations’ Ms. Howard has maintained an active role in growing business and providing unique solutions in the Geospatial Industry. Over the years, Ms. Howard has traveled the world collecting many of the Ground Control Points for sale in our growing archive today. Her experience in the field and knowledge of the solutions empowers her to work with the employees, vendors, customers, and industry leaders to maintain a healthy business in growing technology.

Philipp Hummel

Philipp Hummel

Vice President

(Bio to be updated soon!)

Derek Watson

Derek Watson

Technical Director

(Bio to be updated soon!)

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