Mobile mapping - CompassData, Inc.

Mobile Mapping - Lubbock

Rapidly bringing data collection and attribute rich metadata with embedded images to multiple markets
  • Utility Management
  • Disaster & Relief
  • Facility Management
  • Public Safety
  • Smart Cities
  • Forestry
  • Real-estate
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Stockpile Inventory

Street Level Mapping

  • Capture 360-degree, 30-megapixel geo-referenced images
  • Mobile mapping grade photogrammetric system
  • Rapid collection at highway speeds
  • Geo-reference of mapping data
  • Cost effective asset management
  • Enables post collection analysis of assets
  • Avoid site rework and increase quality control

Mobile Mapping


Backpack Mobile mapping

  • Operational versatility
  • Acquisition in difficult environments
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Underground
  • Highly accurate data
  • Rapid collection provides a data rich 3D immersive view
  • Compact integration of Imaging, Lidar GNSS, and Navigation (IMU)

“Mapping the City – 1 mile, 1 footstep at a time”

Mobile mapping