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Geographic data and information

Data mapping Solutions

Encompassing multiple aspects of governmental demographic and asset management needs
  • Provide GIS mapping foundation
  • Evaluate disaster relief efforts
  • Capture cultural and social geography
  • Gain insight into the growth of population
  • Urban and rural asset identification
  • Maintenance identification
  • Construction planning
  • Traffic planning

Accurately Capture INFRASTRUCTURE

Capture information with related attribute data using over 26 years of core expertise



Mapping Data & Capture Verification

  • Geo-referenced street-based data
  • Digitized features with attributes:
    • Geo-Location
    • Ownership & Management
    • Signage Translation
    • Telephone Numbers
    • Street Address & Street Name
    • Building Dimensions
    • Other Significant Features

Enhanced 911

CompassData specializes in the creation of accurate Geographic data and information basemaps with accurate attribute information to form the core of most E911 GIS databases giving us the ability to develop and maintain public safety boundary layers including:

  • Fire Districts
  • Ambulance Service Boundaries
  • Law Enforcement Areas
  • Emergency Service Boundaries



Establish the baseline for current decision making and future planning.

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