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Data Validation

Independent Verification & Data Validation Software

  • Data accuracy is important
  • Accurate geospatial data are important:
    • applications
    • management of assets
    • quality of provided services
  • Quickly assess the quality and accuracy of your orthophoto, DEM or LiDAR data, using a standardized, consistent process.

Data Validation

Data Validation

Data Accuracy Tools are Important

  • Spatial accuracy
  • Feature/attribute accuracy
  • Photogrammetric accuracy
  • Route accuracy for GNSS navigation applications
  • Organizational accuracy (i.e. naming conventions, domains, duplicate values, topologies and networks)
  • Geometric accuracy

Data Verification Certifies Your Existing Data Set is Accurate

Data Validation

CompassAA™ and CompassTA™ are GIS tools to ensure the accuracy of field data, as well as to verify the accuracy of any pre-existing geospatial datasets.

CompassAA™ and CompassTA™ promotes excellence and agility for your independent QA/QC.

Data accuracy tools are important.

Data Validation

Ensure Spatial Accuracy in your GIS Data Kit

CompassAA™ is a simple, fast, and complete workflow solution to verify the accuracy and quality of orthophotos.

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CompassTA™ is a simple, fast, and automatic solution to verify elevation data products and test LIDAR point cloud data.

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