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Off the Shelf Imagery

Hexagon HxGN Content Program

Off-The-Shelf Imagery

Hexagon HxGN Content Program

Quality Geospatial Imagery At The Highest Positional Accuracy

Hexagon HxGN Content Program: All imagery is orthorectified and quality assured by experienced professionals according to set industry standards. The data is refreshed based on a planned cycle with the latest sensor technology on the market. This data set is a cost-effective alternative to custom acquisition projects and offers the licensing rights to create derivate products and analytics.

CompassData Imagery

CompassData Imagery

CompassData Imagery

CompassData Imagery

Off the shelf

Case Study

Hexagon HxGN Content Program Provides County Imagery For Cost Savings

Exceeding Expectations

Imagery Delivery Methods

Streaming Service

The data is available for streaming on an annual subscription basis using protocols such as OGC WMS and WMTS in your GIS or enterprise application of choice, including Esri ArcGIS, MapInfo, and Global Mapper. Subscription fees include unlimited viewing and plotting and ensure you are using a consistent data set across all of your business units, divisions or offices.

Hard Delivery

The data can also be delivered as a download or via disk. This is a very convenient delivery method for customers who order custom data or need to store their data locally. It is also suitable for applications that do not connect to streaming protocols.

Data Layers
  • 30 cm Aerial Imagery – wide area coverage
  • 15 cm Aerial Imagery – urban area coverage for cities larger than 50,000 population
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM) – custom order
  • Stereo Imagery – custom order
  • All imagery can be delivered as 4-band spectral data (R, G, B, and NIR) and with metadata



SGM data

The Hexagon HxGN Content Program Is A High-Quality Imagery Service For Professionals Across The United States And Europe.

Available Now

  • 15 cm Aerial Imagery – wide area coverage in selected States

With data acquisition going into its seventh year, Hexagon HxGN Content Program is a trusted data partner providing fully orthorectified imagery that meets accuracy and quality standards through the use of the most sophisticated processing methodologies to provide a product that can be used with confidence.

*All images provided by Hexagon

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