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Airport Imagery

Core Deliverables

  • Certified control point survey
  • Certified Orthorectification processes
  • Qualified Accuracy Tools
  • FAA DO-200A Certification
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Feature Digitization meeting RTCA and DO Standards

Airport Mapping Database (AMDB)

  • Accurate (sub 1 meter)
  • Cost Effective
  • Global (Worldwide Solution)
  • Customizable (meets custom requirements)
  • Certifiable to your LOA Standards

The CompassData AMDB

Airport Imagery

Airport Imagery

  • Growing archive of over 700 FAA Certified submeter airports
  • Submeter Accuracy using our survey grade ground control points
  • Rapid access to “Off the Shelf” Imagery archive
  • Quality product generation using certified processes

Electronic Terrain and Obstacles (ETOD)

  • Accurate (1-meter accuracy)
  • Advanced (LiDAR, RADAR, Aerial, Satellite)
  • Certifiable
  • Global
  • Flexible (comply with custom DQRs)

Electronic Terrain and Obstacles (ETOD)

Aviation Ground Control

Ground Control for Airports

  • Access the World’s largest Commercially Available Ground Control Point Archive
  • Greater than 60,000 worldwide GCPs in the Archive Database
  • Photo-ID GCPs
  • LiDAR NVA Control
  • Airport Photo-ID GCPs
  • Remotely Sensed Ground Control Points
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