Ensure your mapping accuracy with Ground Control Points delivered in a standardized, easily-ingestible format designed to make your orthorectification of imagery the most accurate it can be.

With more than 36,000 GCPs already collected and ready for download from our archive, we may already have the specific control you need for your orthorectification project. If you need a combination of already-collected points and a field collection for others, CompassData’s standardized deliverables mean that every point comes to you in an easily ingestible, immediately useful format.

CompassData, with a network of Control Freak® field data collectors across the globe, can design a collection program, manage the personnel and deliver the data you need quickly, professionally and accurately.

CompassData provides five accuracy levels of GCP so that your project is seamless:

Accuracy Level Graphic V1

Professional Photogrammetrist, as defined by the ASPRS:

A professional who uses photogrammetric technology to extract measurements and make maps and interpret data from images.

The photogrammetrist is responsible for all phases of mapping and other mensuration requirements, which include planning and supervising survey activities for control, specifying photography or other imagery requirements, managing projects for mapping or other mensuration requirements and interpretation.

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