Protect Your Oil & Gas Investments With Accurate GNSS/GIS Data Collection And Management.

From well site locations to pipeline corridors, accurate mapping has never been more important. With the use of our new Trimble UAS, CompassData can now quickly image and map utility corridors, pipelines, well pads, and other features of interest to the Oil & Gas sector. We also provide professional underground pipeline locating services.

If your map data is off, you could be paying thousands – even millions – of dollars more than necessary to deal with problems in the field resulting from:

  • Well site/pad locations off by 100-500 feet (not uncommon with paper maps)
  • Your new well is less than 1,000 feet from a neighboring well
  • Your property/easement is off true, causing you to terminate, or drill, on someone else’s property
  • You send a crew to drill at a previously plugged site because your data doesn’t show it
  • Your office spends hours trying to reconcile maps from different vendors – and you still don’t know what’s accurate or not
MO pipeline

Image of natural gas pipeline GIS data acquired recently by our GNSS surveyors. CompassData has GIS tools and solutions to assist with asset management in the Oil & Gas sector.

Increase the productivity of your energy company. CompassData can provide inventory surveys and complete asset mapping that will allow you to:

  • Develop more efficient project planning across your properties
  • Logically store locations and attributes of all assets in a digital format
  • Make better decisions based on comparison data of exactly what is where (lines, base maps, equipment age and condition)
  • Create user-friendly access to information through GIS mapping of data so field crews, office personnel, vendors and buyers can all use it
  • Make updating efficient, simple and fast
  • Produce printable maps and also use GIS on handhelds or internet-enabled laptops for on-site, in the field productivity

An inaccurate map of distributed assets wastes time and resources:

“X” may mark the spot where the treasure is buried, but unless the seeker can locate “X” in relation to known landmarks, the map is not very useful.” – USGS Fact Sheet FS-171-99

Oil & Gas Solutions
CompassData is well versed in Oil and Gas utility surveys. Look no further than CompassData to ensure that the footprint, condition and location of your oil and gas equipment is accurate.

Here are some of the services we offer for Oil and Gas:

Horizontal & Vertical Control
Geodetic Control
Topographic Surveys
As-Built/ Depth Of Cover Surveys
Pipeline System Mapping
Pipeline System As-Builts
Pipeline Routes
Pipeline Alignment Maps
Gas Unit Surveys
Storage Facilities
Well Site Location
Valve Site
Condemnation Plats
Compressor Sites
Processing Plant Sites
Lease Roads
Well Mapping
Well Pad Surveys
Transmission Line Routes
Wind Turbine Route Surveys
Road Crossing Permits
Railroad Crossing Permits
Ownership Plats
Boundary Surveys
Centerline Easement Descriptions