Airport Imagery and GCPs: FAA DO-200A Certification by the Federal Aviation Administration

CompassData has received FAA DO-200A certification for meeting the Standards of Processing Aeronautical Data. We are the first company in the US to be approved to provide ground control points used for increasing the accuracy for imagery used in the creation of aeronautical databases, and to verify the accuracy of any orthoimagery proposed to be used for such databases. CompassData joins a small and elite group of companies approved to provide map data for aircraft navigation and situational awareness products that will be utilized in the cockpits of aircraft.  With FAA approved imagery processes, CompassData can provide high level assurance that your aeronautical data procedures start off on the right track.

Airport Imagery and GCPs FAA DO-200A Certification

Orthorectified image of Albuquerque International Sunport utilized in the AMDB generation process.

Jump start your AMDB efforts with plug and play data: If your company is considering entering the AMDB world, or is already a data provider, look no further than CompassData for high quality orthos. CompassData has built an archive of GCPs for over 450 airports worldwide, and imagery for 325 airports that are certified to DO200A. Please visit our airport imagery page to see the locations for which airport orthos are currently available.

Example AMDB of Albuquerque International Sunport

Example AMDB of Albuquerque International Sunport, courtesy of Performance Software

FAA has granted only six LOAs (Letters of Acceptance) in the Denver ACO Region and only 24 globally. CompassData is the first in the world to receive certification for verification of data sets used to create Airport Moving Map data. DO-200A standards were developed by FAA to assure the quality of data used in the preparation of aeronautical mapping, navigation and situational awareness products and systems. Prior to certification, CompassData completed a rigorous examination procedure in which FAA reviewed every step in the firm’s methodologies for collecting, processing and managing GNSS-surveyed ground control. This examination is necessary to ensure the data is accurate, timely, complete, and traceable.