Ranch Mapping

If you have traveled in Colorado, Wyoming, or other western states, you know that much of the land between the higher elevations tends to be private, often ranch land. In the United States the 100 largest private landowners now control more than 30 million acres, or 2% of America’s land mass. Many of these large landowners now utilize satellite and aerial images and GIS to help manage their lands by ranch mapping.

For example, in 2013 a local ranch operation contacted CompassData to help generate map and GIS products for their ranch lands in Elbert, El Paso and Douglas counties in central Colorado. This was implemented in part due to the ranch participating the Colorado Parks and Wildlife division’s “Ranching for Wildlife” initiative.  Participants “provide public hunting recreation access to their land free of charge to those who draw licenses.  These efforts help preserve and enhance open spaces for wildlife to live and thrive and encourage keeping our hunting heritage alive for you and future generations.”

CompassData used ArcGIS, satellite images, government land ownership databases, and other sources to generate GIS data layers.  If you are considering a GIS based ranch management platform, look no further than CompassData. We can create a custom GIS solution that can be easily integrated into your existing ranch management processes.

CompassData is capable of producing custom GIS ranch management solutions:

Screenshot of a “Ranching for Wildlife” map produced by CompassData for a local ranch operation.
Ranch Mapping
Above is a screenshot of ranch land displayed as a digital elevation model. The image shows the high resolution elevation data that is generated with aerial collection by our UAS.
In addition to creating maps and GIS layers for central Colorado ranch lands, CompassData recognized the potential to utilize these lands for high resolution imagery acquisition using our Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), the Timble UX5. The ranch lands may serve as a future test sites.
The level of detail in UAS images is unparalleled and can provide ranch managers with planning insight that may have been overlooked with traditional land management practices.
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