GIS & Surveying Services

Survey Services


Our trained staff of highly mobile GNSS surveyors will do your field data collection for you. We provide guaranteed quality through standardized deliverables.  We are well versed in several types of GNSS surveys including ground control, underground utility mapping, public works inventory management, oil, and gas asset surveys as well as oil well pad surveys.

GIS Field Services

GIS Field Services

Our trained staff and global network will do your field data collection for you. We provide accurate feature surveys and guaranteed quality. Using GNSS technology, our staff records the precise locations of the features and assets you need. We map at the accuracy your project requires and simultaneously collect relevant attribute information.

Independent V & V Services

Independent V&V

 We can take your existing GIS data and design a test to provide independent verification of the quality. We evaluate the precision and accuracy of an existing GIS data set by taking measurements in the field and recording attribute data. Data Verification, also known as “ground truth,” is the best way to certify that your existing data set is complete and accurate.

Geodetic Consulting Services

Geodetic Consulting

What happens when a manhole cover is on someone’s front porch and the roads line up with the house roof tops? We can ensure that your GIS data elements are assigned an appropriate hierarchy of geographic location importance and are held tight to precise Ground Control Points.

Web Map Hosting

Web Map Hosting

As an Esri Silver Business Partner, we can provide data sharing solutions. ArcGIS Server (from Esri) provides a platform for sharing GIS resources for maps, imagery or ground control data with our clients anywhere there is internet service.

LiDAR Control and QC Services

LiDAR Control and QC

Our team includes post-processing professionals who have the expertise to ensure Quality Control and Quality Assurance for LiDAR deliverables. As a result, we provide the GNSS and Control necessary to ensure “Ground Truth” for LiDAR projects.