We Are The Control Freaks – Our Mission Is To Map The World

The Control Freaks® began their mission to map the world more than a decade ago, as the CompassData Ground Control Point Archive was founded on an innovative model to own and license GCPs.

Through the years our very serious and yet playful attitude about what we do has come to define us. Throughout the GIS industry, we are known as the Control Freaks and our network continues to grow as more and more people want to join us in our mission.

Yes, we are freaks about making sure that what we supply to our customers is always on time, accurate, consistent and complete. This gives us joy. We also appreciate the opportunities we’ve received to travel all over the world, connecting the planet across borders and boundaries as we collect field data to improve GIS data sets for clients as diverse as anyone could imagine.

Why we call ourselves Control Freaks – we are over the top about Mapping the World.
Our mission is to map the world – we take that seriously!