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CompassVV Free Trial

Welcome to the CompassData, Inc. Software and demo data download website. You are looking at this website because:
  • You have purchased a license for CompassAA and/or CompassTA and you are ready to download and install the application.
  • You have renewed the subscription of the CompassAA and/or CompassTA software and would like to download and install the newest version of the tool.
  • You are here because you are interested in a 14-day trial license and are ready to move forward.
Quick description of CompassAA v3.50 and CompassTA v2.50 tools

CompassData V&V licenses and distributes two data verification and validation software tools: CompassAA™ and CompassTA™. CompassAA compares the image derived coordinates in a geo-referenced image with collected ground control data coordinates of the same location. This simple and easily mastered tool verifies and validates the horizontal accuracy of orthophoto images and its associated data. CompassTA performs a similar process for DEM products and LiDAR data. It compares collected ground control derived heights with the elevations in the DEM at the same location. Both programs easily produce consistent, standardized and professional reports. These data verification and validation reports can be customized for any data quality requirements. The software can produce different types of error statistics (RMSE, CE90, CE95, NSSDA), a circular error plot, histograms for points in CompassTA and can include photos and diagrams of each point used in the analysis.

*Due to multiple high resolution images, the size of the multiple image demonstration download is ~ 2 GB.
Depending on available internet bandwidth, the data files may take up to 5 – 15 minutes to download.