Orthoimagery: Sub-Meter Accuracy, Precision Checks, Post Processing Corrections

Orthoimagery or orthorectified imagery is aerial or satellite imagery which has been geometrically corrected. Geometric correction, or orthorectification, is necessary to adjust for topographic relief, camera tilt and lens distortion. An orthorectified image is a very accurate representation of the Earth’s surface and allows for the measurement of true distance, exact placement of geographic symbols and precise digitization.

Example of an orthorectified image, Honolulu International Airport.

Because CompassData owns more Ground Control Points (GCPs) than any other commercial outlet in the world, we have a unique master database to help facilitate our orthorectification process.

Since 1994 CompassData has been collecting precise ground control points to support aerial and satellite image production. The GCPs in the CompassData archive have all passed rigorous quality-control procedures. The use of these GCPs in the orthorectification process results in increased accuracy (Sub-Meter) and overall quality of our orthoimagery. CompassData is capable of accessing or acquiring high accuracy points anywhere in the world to be used as reference points in the orthorectification process. We can produce high quality orthos for virtually any location and perform a variety of specialized processing, including:

  • Orthorectification
  • Planimetric (GIS) Feature Extraction
  • LiDAR Data QA/QC
  • Elevation Modeling
  • 3-D Visualization
  • GIS and Image Web Distribution

In addition to being a producer of sub-meter orthoimagery, CompassData is an authorized reseller of DigitalGlobe imagery. DigitalGlobe is a commercial vendor of geospatial content, aerial images and high resolution satellite images.


Authorized Digital Globe Reseller

Photogrammetry Solutions
Aviation Market Applications

We currently have data off the
shelf to support ortho-
imagery production for over
1,000 airports globally

Imagery validation services to support producers of airport map data solutions, control survey data and precision imagery

Support for Aerodrome Mapping Database (AMDB),
Obstruction Map production
(requires accurate source data to meet the RTCA DO-200A document requiring 1- 5m map accuracy)

Over 325 airport images in the
archive and available off the

For more information on Global Satellite Imagery and Custom Orthoimagery Production