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  • GIS / GPS Field ServicesCompassData's global network of surveyors will do your field collection for you providing guaranteed quality through standardized deliverables that allow you to immediately ingest the data into your GIS.
  • Complete Global CoverageWe have relationships with businesses, governments and individual surveyors all over the globe, so we are capable of collecting GPS survey data anywhere.
  • Oil and GasCompassData is well versed in oil and gas asset surveys. We will ensure that the footprint, condition and locations of your oil and gas equipment are accurate.
  • OrthoimageryBecause CompassData owns more Ground Control Points (GCPs) than any other commercial outlet in the world, we have a unique master database to help facilitate our orthorectification process.
  • AviationCompassData has been approved by the FAA to provide ground control points used to increase the accuracy of imagery utilized in the creation of aeronautical databases.
  • Imagery ResellerIn addition to being a producer of highly accurate orthoimagery, CompassData is an authorized reseller of high quality aerial and satellite imagery.
  • Utility MappingCompassData provides the GPS data and GIS tools to assist utility companies and telecoms with mapping, modeling, managing and maintaining their distributed facilities and networks.
  • UAS / UAVWe are proud to announce the purchase of our first Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), a Trimble UX5. CompassData now provides UAS / UAV services internationally.
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Ground Control

CompassData: The World's Largest Commercially-available Ground Control Data Set - Complete Global Coverage with 33,000 Ground Control Points available for download!


Aerial Image Houses

Imagery Resale

In addition to being a producer of sub-meter orthoimagery, CompassData is an authorized reseller of DigitalGlobe imagery. DigitalGlobe is a commercial vendor of high resolution aerial and satellite images.


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Latest News

CompassData has received ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management Systems from Orion Registrar, Inc. ISO 9001 is well established in the US and around the world as an invaluable quality management system tool. Please read our press release.