CompassData Corporate Team

Margaret J HowardMargaret J. Howard, President, Co-Founder, and Chairwomen of the Board,

Margaret J. Howard co-founded CompassCom in 1994, which later split into three companies in 2003. From the inception of the organizations Ms. Howard has maintained an active role in growing the businesses and providing unique solutions in the Geospatial Industry.  Over the years, Ms. Howard has traveled the world collecting many of the Ground Control Points for sale in our growing archive today.  Her experience in the field and knowledge of the solutions empowers her to work with the employees, vendors, customers and industry leaders to maintain a healthy business in growing technology.

Kate SchlatterKatherine L. Schlatter, Chief Operating Officer

Katherine L. Schlatter is the Chief Operating Officer, Member of the Board of Directors, and Stock Holder for CompassData, Inc.  Ms. Schlatter has performed everything from field data collection to operations management.   Kate has collected field data, managed international and domestic field collection projects, managed subcontractors, developed long-standing relationships with business partners World Wide, and supported our Clients in the completion of projects.  As Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Schlatter offers expertise in all aspects of the business to her staff while working with sub-contractors to ensure the successful completion of Clients projects.

Hayden HowardHayden Howard, Vice President

W. Hayden Howard is the Vice President, Member of the Board of Directors, and Stock Holder for CompassData, Inc. As part owner of CompassData, Hayden is highly dedicated to the success of the business. Mr. Howard has accumulated a vast amount of field survey experience, in-office processing experience and has a keen knowledge of the different geodetic requirements put forth by customers around the world. Mr. Howard has collected data in multiple countries from the Outback of Australia to the Arctic Circle of Alaska. He has managed the collection, post-processing and final deliverables of large projects both domestically and internationally. Mr. Howard has worked with many different satellite and aerial imagery providers, as well as LiDAR and RADAR suppliers and understands the requirements for terrestrial data collection to tie a remotely sensed product to the ground. Mr. Howard is head of business development and sales for the CompassData team. He is well known and well respected in the industry for his knowledge of the technology and his ability to bring innovation and success to the corporation.

Brant HowardW. Brant Howard, Member of the Board

As an advocate for GPS and GIS since the inception of the Compass Family of companies in 1994, Mr. Howard works vigorously in the industry to create business relationships and generate opportunities for the growth of the company. Mr. Howard has 35 years of sales experience that guides the company and its sales team to drive revenue. Mr. Howard is a problem solver, working closely with his customers to come up with solutions that will streamline their workflow, save time, increase safety and overall meet their needs.

Prior to being an entrepreneur and business development expert, Howard was a hydrogeologist with the United States Geological Survey, Water Resources Division. He supervised well drilling and completion, pump tests and field inventory efforts.

He has collected GPS data, designed GIS programs, and managed programs that coordinated multiple geospatial disciplines from Hydrology, Surveying, GIS Mapping and Aerial Imagery. Through his industry knowledge, relationships in the industry and world travel, Mr. Howard assists in providing a vision and direction for the sales of CompassHoldings.

Phillip HummelPhilipp Hummel, Professional Geodesist, Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) and Federal Licensed Surveyor (CFedS)

Mr. Hummel is the head of geodesy and senior technical lead for acquiring and processing Ground Control Points. His career started in his native Germany; after achieving a Masters degree at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, Philipp worked for two years in Europe and one year in Africa before returning to the University to assist in scientific research and teaching. In 2005 a land surveyor position brought Philipp to Denver, Colorado. He has earned multiple Professional Land Surveyor licenses for the following six states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah. He is a member of the Professional Surveyors of Colorado (PLSC) and the national German surveying association – Deutscher Verein für Vermessungswesen (DVW).

Lo profileLoAnn Crane, Marketing, GIS/GNSS

Ms. Crane’s current role is Marketing and responsible for managing the marketing initiatives. She analyzes the consumer activities on various digital channels to develop marketing strategies. She uses the data to plan marketing campaigns such as newsletters, emails, sponsored content, the ads displayed online, in print and social media. She has a creative drive and passion for digital marketing. She has a background in Interactive Media Production. Ms. Crane attended the Metropolitan State University of Denver for Technical Communication.

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