The History of CompassData

CompassData, Inc. was founded by Margaret J. Howard and W. Brant Howard in Centennial, Colorado, in 1994 as part of the CompassCom family of companies and incorporated separately in November 2003 as a woman-owned small business led by The President, Margaret J. Howard. As the lead “Control Freak” Mrs. Howard has led the CompassData Control Freaks to collect over 50,000 Ground Control Points across six of the seven continents on the globe. We don’t have Antarctica…yet.  CompassData is proud to offer the industry the largest commercially available archive of Ground Control Points around the World!

CompassData specializes in collecting high-quality, spatially-accurate data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, photogrammetry and remotely sensed data. CompassData uses the latest in Global Positioning System (GNSS) technology combined with years of field experience and a proven system to ensure the accuracy and currency of our data.

We provide verification services and software for geospatial projects across the globe. Our Team’s unique experience enables us to provide consulting services on survey and geodesy to ensure our clients’ projects exceed the growing demand for globally accurate data.   

CompassData has worked with geospatial professionals in many industries, including: leading providers of aerial and satellite imagery, environmental firms; public safety and law enforcement agencies; public utility (gas & electric) companies; local, state, and federal government agencies; imagery providers, airport/aviation agencies, telecommunication companies, transportation organizations, natural resource firms, the Department of Defense, and golf course construction companies.

CompassData’s aerial experience and knowledge base for accuracy have naturally lead CompassData into the UAV Business.  In 2016, CompassData created a dba CompassDrone to serve our clients with the best Mapping Drone Solutions in the industry.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to map the world. CompassData delivers value to our clients, shareholders, employees and business partners by providing accurate geospatial data and field data collection services accurately, on time, with standardized deliverables. We utilize the best available technology to map the world providing geospatial data to our clients in support of their geospatial products and projects. Our focus is to build partnerships with our clients, providing a value that will exceed their expectations.

Watch this video to find out why CompassData was created to provide consistent Ground Control Points, evolving from a project to a product based solution.

Survey Services
50,000+ Ground Control Points (GCPs) are Currently Available Off-The-Shelf!
Approximately 700 Airport Orthos are Currently Available Off-The-Shelf!


Our mission is to map the world – we take that seriously!