CompassData Offers Sensor Calibration Capability for LiDAR Evaluation, Testing and Boresighting

CompassData provides crucial Quality Control for LiDAR data. While independently derived Ground Control Points are an important element in LiDAR quality evaluation, sensor calibration can be a complicated procedure.

We can provide the GCPs for your in-house calibration, or we can do the Quality Control for you, using our proprietary GCPs and a least-squares minimization technique designed to ensure the best sensor calibration quality.

Image of the sensor calibration site in Evansville, IN. The Ground Control Points displayed in the image are taken from CompassData’s GCP archive.

CompassData Image Sensor Calibration Experience:

USGS – NOAA Calibration Sites (Establishing and managing multi-use calibrations sites for Digital Sensors and LiDAR):

  • The Pinery, CO
  • Stockton, CA
  • Fresno, CA
  • Evansville, IN
  • Croydon, PA
  • Upper Peninsula, MI

CompassData has also established a global network of 14 calibration test sites, simplifying the sensor calibration process. For more information on these test sites, please read this white paper.

If you are planning an aerial or spaceborne collection, contact CompassData in the planning stages to:

Avoid having to collect new GCPs when they are already available for immediate GIS ingestion through our Archive.

Coordinate collection with Targeted Control, planned with you and/or your client’s specific needs in mind.

Satellite, LiDAR and Aerial Imagery producers can provide better accuracy through GCP and field calibration provided by CompassData. CDI works regularly with sensor owners such as Infoterra GmbH and others to help facilitate the most accurate sensor calibrations and the most efficient photoidentifiable collection projects. For more information, please read QA/QC of LiDAR Systems and Derived Data, a paper prepared for ASPRS on the need for standardized quality control of LiDAR data.
Contact us for more information on Sensor Calibration.