Human Geography

CompassData is known worldwide for providing photoidentifiable Ground Control Point and GIS feature data collection. Through our travels, we have been able to add other, more human-oriented data, encompassing multiple aspects of social activities in various countries.

CompassData created our SmartPhotosTM product to provide data offerings in the arena of the human landscape. SmartPhotos provides:

  • Geo-referenceed street-based photographs
  • Tagged image data with various attributes:
  • geo-location
  • ownership/management
  • signage translation
  • telephone number
  • street address
  • building dimensions
  • street names and other significant features
  • Regardless of local language or dialect.

We can combine that data into a useful information base for GIS or other evaluation efforts.

Our efforts in this area are designed to provide a more “human” look at the country or region visited, to gain insights into the cultural and social geography aspects of the population, and provide useful data for web-based mapping services, evaluating humanitarian aid, relief efforts or other programs within remote regions of the world.

CompassData fields a world-wide Control Freak® Network of data collectors

Internationally, CompassData has collected data in many difficult areas of operation: North Africa, including Algeria and Morocco, Nigeria, Mali, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Vietnam. We have also collected large amounts of data in less hostile areas around the world.

CompassData maintains an in-house staff of field data collectors along with a large network of international partners that we can quickly deploy to almost any location on Earth. They can work in most areas within a moment’s notice.

As a commercial venture working closely with our data collection partners, we are able to obtain data in what might otherwise be viewed as difficult or denied-access areas – we can’t guarantee this in all cases, but have experienced Human Geography data collection successes in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

For more information, please contact us directly to discuss your potential data needs – we will be happy to submit a proposal that builds on our capabilities to meet your requirements.

Human Geography Solutions

SmartPhotosTM Features for Human Geography:

Street-level data with attributes
Geo-located photos
Street addresses and building function ID
Additional meta data as requested

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