Web Map Hosting

As a company that focuses on acquiring, processing and managing geospatial data, CompassData is faced with the challenge of sharing our data internally with our employees as well as externally with our clients. As an Esri Silver Business Partner we can provide data sharing solutions. ArcGIS Server (from Esri) provides a platform for sharing GIS resources, such as maps, imagery or ground control data with our clients anywhere there is internet service:


ArcGIS Server allows CompassData to share GIS resources across an enterprise, or distributed computing environment, and across the web. We share these resources by first hosting them on our internal ArcGIS Server system, then allowing clients to use and interact with the resources through a secure login. The main advantages of sharing GIS resources through an ArcGIS Server system are the same as sharing any data through any kind of server technology: the server supports multiple users, provides clients with the most up-to-date information, and the data is centrally managed.

If your project requires outside patrons to access maps and other GIS data through the internet in a secure manner, look no further than CompassData for a custom web map hosting solution.

Web Map Hosting

It is now commonplace to see imagery, maps or other geographic data integrated seamlessly into websites. CompassData utilizes an ArcGIS Server to distribute geographic information on the web.

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