Data Validation: Independent V&V Testing to Ensure Spatial Accuracy in Your GIS Data Set

CompassData can evaluate the precision and accuracy of an existing GIS data set by taking measurements in the field and recording attribute data. Data Verification, also known as “ground truth,” is the best way to certify that your existing data set is complete and accurate. We can take your existing GIS data and design a test to provide Independent V&V, verification and validation of the quality including:

  • Spatial accuracy
  • Feature/attribute accuracy
  • Photogrammetric accuracy
  • Route accuracy for GNSS navigation applications
  • Organizational accuracy (i.e. naming conventions, domains, duplicate values, topologies and networks)
  • Geometric accuracy (i.e.tiny polygons and sliver polygons)

For over 20 years, CompassData has performed custom GCP collection for clients in the geospatial profession and archived those points in a database for commercial sale to other end users. Among their many applications, the GCPs are used extensively to verify the accuracy of geospatial data. CompassData also utilizes our CompassAA and CompassTA map accuracy software to verify and validate the spatial accuracy of aerial and satellite data.


“True cell tower location is 1.36 meters off.”

Because CompassData owns more Ground Control Points (GCPs) than any other commercial outlet in the world, we have a unique master database to help facilitate our independent QA/QC.

These sensors/data sources use CompassData Control for their QA/QC:

  • Satellite: GeoEye-1, WorldView-1, WorldView-2, IKONOS, QuickBird , SPOT
  • Aerial: Z/I DMC, ADS – 40 series, Applanix , Vexcel UltraCam , DigiCam
  • LiDAR: Airborne Hydrography, AB, Leica Geosystems, Optech, RIEGL, TopoSystems GmbH


CompassAA™ & CompassTA™, the right choice for Accuracy and Topo Analyses

CompassAA™  is a simple, fast, and complete workflow solution to verify the accuracy and quality of orthophotos. Learn more here.

CompassTA™ automatically tests and verifies the accuracy of elevation data products. CompassTA™ lets you test LiDAR point cloud data, DEM data products, and other raster elevation data. Learn more here.


NGS Accuracy Validation:

CompassData uses National Geodetic Survey monuments (and their international counterparts), re-surveying monuments on a regular basis to ensure our equipment is calibrated correctly and that the QA/QC for our clients is accurate.

Find out more about the National Geodetic Survey mission to improve the National Spatial Reference system.

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