Ensure Your Utility's GIS Mapping Investment That Provides The Strongest ROI Using Utility Mapping.

Utility companies require precise mapping and field data collection services. If you’re responding to outages, managing maintenance, and repair of the power pole and pipeline inventories, providing maps of gas lines, electric distribution grids or water, and wastewater pipelines – you need to know exactly where everything is, now and for the future with utility mapping.

The challenge for telecoms and utility companies is to map, model, manage and maintain their distribution facilities and networks optimally to meet new customer expectations and industry compliance regulations. It’s not uncommon that utilities are still relying on inaccurate paper maps, hand-drawn notes or worker recollection on where assets as crucial as water or gas mains, valves or hydrants are located. Repair and replace utility lines more efficiently and realize ROI quickly in an investment in utility mapping services.

CompassData offers extensive professional experience in GNSS utility surveys, field data acquisition, and conversion services, along with best of the breed software application capabilities. We also have extensive experience in underground utility locating and mapping.

With professional, accurate utility maps, you can:

  • Develop more efficient project planning for maintenance and repair programs
  • Logically store locations and attributes of all assets
  • Make better decisions based on comparison data of exactly what is where (lines, base maps, equipment age and condition)
  • Create user-friendly access to information through GIS mapping of data
  • Make updating efficient, simple and fast
  • Work with your local municipal, county or state GIS data set for digital viewing of how the entire infrastructure works together
  • Produce printable, accurate maps and also use GIS on handhelds or internet-enabled laptops for on-site, in the field productivity
MO Pipeline

Image of natural gas pipeline GIS data acquired recently by our GNSS surveyors. CompassData has GIS tools and solutions to manage your utility or pipeline and provide you with professional, accurate utility maps.

If your project calls for the creation of an entire base map or for out-sourcing field data collection, contact CompassData for a custom solution to meet your needs.

Case Study Summit Image
Control Freaks make sure that Utility Mapping projects are done on time, within budget and completely. This case study highlights our participation in a mapping project for Summit Utilities. For this project we mapped 90 miles of natural gas pipeline. Overall, CompassData has mapped over 300 miles of pipeline for Summit Utilities.

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Data Maintenance

After completing the initial data collection, CompassData can maintain and update the collected data on a scheduled basis to keep your GIS up-to-date.

Examples of Features CompassData can collect for a Utility GIS include:

fire hydrants
sewer lines
utility poles
archeological sites
parking lots
and more!