Large Construction Projects Need GIS Accuracy and QA/QC

With most large construction projects, engineers are familiar with Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD) mapping, but GIS maps bring intelligence and a database that can be queried and used in vastly more complex ways. CompassData can help you create a GIS base map that will improve your project planning, architecture and construction progress.

With your GIS base map, CompassData can show you how to be more efficient in:

  • Site analysis
  • Development review and approval
  • Right-of-way engineering
  • Automated mapping as the project goes forward
  • Watershed modeling
  • Drainage
  • Geobibliography
  • Water Lines
  • Sanitary Sewer Lines
  • Storm Sewer Lines
  • Transmission Lines
  • Utility Corridors
  • Telecom lines

For large construction projects working with GIS but with old data, CompassData can ensure your base map accuracy.