Professional GIS Field Services Data Collection: Accurate, Timely, Standardized

CompassData’s trained staff and global network will do your GIS field services data collection for you by providing accurate feature surveys and guaranteed quality through standardized deliverables that allow you to immediately ingest the data into your GIS.

Using GNSS technology, CompassData staff records the precise locations of the features and assets you need, mapped at the accuracy your project requires, and simultaneously we collect relevant attribute information.

In support of our professional GNSS services, our automated processes and quality control procedures ensure the accuracy of both positional data and attributes.

Along with Ground Control Points, CompassData can collect GIS features in the field and combine new data with existing data to create an enhanced base map for your GIS.

We can collect data ourselves, or assist your staff in large projects. Working with our business partners such as CompassTools, Inc., we can design a field data collection program, train your staff on using the GNSS equipment and support your efforts to collect or maintain your data for your GIS.

Customers receive multiple pieces of information around each GCP, in a consistent, quality deliverable.

CompassData GCP Accuracy Levels

Accuracy Level Graphic V1

CompassData RSGCP™ Accuracy Levels

RS Accuracy Level Graphic V1
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Here's a review from a client we did some field surveying for:
CompassData Inc Survey Services
Highly trained mobile GNSS surveyors
"Compass Data is a highly professional surveying firm that does good work. Their survey capacity and responsiveness make them an easy choice to work with."
Written by: Michael Shillenn
GNSS Surveying Services
Date published: 02/06/2015
5 / 5 stars