Do You Want To Be A Control Freak? Join Our International Collection Network

Contract suppliers are crucial for our Control Freak network to work around the globe. We are always looking for licensed surveyors interested in becoming qualified to be Control Freaks.

GCP Collection Network Program:

CompassData works extensively with qualified firms around the world. We develop strong ties with our field collection partner firms, and work with them to ensure the CompassData quality in field data collection and Human Geography is never compromised.

We offer control points in Sub-Meter, Decimeter and Centimeter levels of accuracy.

If you have existing non-proprietary photoidentifiable Ground Control Points that fall within those categories and you would like to see that data presented to a larger potential pool of clients, please contact us.

Our global network of Control Freaks is always open to finding licensed surveyors who are open to training so that they can participate in our mission to map the world. CompassData has proprietary processes so that our Ground Control is delivered to the customer in a consistent, timely fashion. If you’d like to be a contract Control Freak, or have a business in field data collection and would like to become a qualified member of our network, contact us.

Control Freaks embrace this concept: timely, accurate, consistent delivery. Every Control Freak team member is trained in CompassData’s process to ensure customers will always receive the same high quality data, every time, for every order.