Easily Incorporate Data into Your Workflow: CompassData's Standardized Deliverables Will Simplify Your Project

Once a project has been completed according to client requirements, we generate a uniform set of documents to support the stated accuracies of the measured Ground Control Points. Because we standardize our deliverables, CompassData materials are easily ingested into your current workflow and immediately usable.

Deliverables with each downloaded GCP from the CompassData archive include:

  • Coordinate File containing Lat/Long Data, in either text or spreadsheet format
  • Accuracy Report
  • Image Chip showing GCP collection location
  • Sketch diagram, hand-drawn by field data collector
  • Digital pictures of the GCP location, showing each cardinal direction

Example of Deliverables:

A coordinate file (text or spreadsheet) in a standard datum and coordinate system:

SVN007 Coordinate
  • A project report describing the equipment and procedures used to collect the desired Ground Control Points
  • GCP location drawn on the customer supplied photo or image chip
Standardized Deliverables SVN007 Image
  • GCP site sketch and associated field notes
Standardized Deliverables SVN007 Station Diagram
  • Digital pictures of the GCP location
Standardized Deliverables SVN007 site location
Often data that is cobbled together from a variety of sources does not come together smoothly. If you get your Ground Control Points from CompassData, you get consistent standardized deliverables.

GCPs are often 10 percent or more of the total cost of a mapping project. CompassData saves you money.

Standardized Deliverables ensure your Ground Control Points can be integrated immediately into your GIS project.
Deliverables can be provided in both soft copy and hard copy. We can deliver in any datum or projection that the customer requires, including these formats:
Standard Delivery: WGS84 (G1150) (World Geographic System) Decimal Degree Latitude/Longitude, Height above Ellipsoid in meters
UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)
Lat / Long, NAD 83 (North American Datum)
We can also accommodate special customer requests in datum format production.