Paneled & Targeted Ground Control

Paneled & Targeted Ground Control is set in predetermined locations prior to flight or imaging, and is either painted on a suitable surface, or laid out using aluminum, plastic, wood or fabric panels as shown below.

CompassData specializes in collecting long-lasting photo identifiable points, but in certain situations (for accuracy verification, or at a customer’s request), we will set panels, or targets for aerial or satellite imagery control.

Targeted Control: Planning, Management and Post-Processing for Aerial and Spaceborne Collections

CompassData offers custom targeted control data collection services to include targeting desired points for pre-flight collection.

Aerial Collection

CompassData will identify photoidentifiable objects in the target flight area. Where there are none available, we will supply paneling materials, gain access to primary and secondary point locations, and set an appropriately sized three- or four-legged target for the planned scale of photography.

Spaceborne Collection

In areas where no photoidentifiable features are available, we can also provide paneling for space-borne collection.

In order to successfully target a spaceborne collection effort, consideration needs to be made for the time between paneling and collection, panel maintenance, and collection planning. CompassData will work closely with you to coordinate every aspect of your project.

Targeted Control is available under a custom service pricing structure. For details and to discuss your project requirements, contact us.

Our survey personnel are very experienced in the process of setting panels that will work for specific projects.
Paneled points are not included in GCP Archive. The CompassData GCP Archive contains only permanent points. For the sake of simplicity, plastic is the material of choice in those instances where paint is not practical. The downside of plastic is that for some reason, animals are attracted to plastic and sometimes wind up treating it as an appetizer. For this reason along with the obvious reason (panels often disappear or are moved), CompassData does not include paneled points in our GCP Archive.