Ground Control Point Archive: Immediate, Accurate, Standardized

CompassData provides the largest commercially-available photo identifiable Ground Control Point (GCPs) archives in the world.

These readily available, archive GCPs allow you to accurately correct or enhance aerial or satellite imagery and LiDAR data for any mapping project.

Deliverables with each downloaded GCP from the CompassData archive include:

  • Coordinate File containing Lat/Long/Elevation and Metadata, in either text or spreadsheet format
  • Project Report containing information on:
  • Equipment used in data collection
  • Procedures
  • Accuracy Report
  • Image Chip showing GCP collection location
  • Sketch diagram, hand-drawn by field data collector
  • Digital pictures of the GCP location, showing each cardinal direction

The more than 36,000 GCPs in the CompassData archive have all passed rigorous quality-control procedures and the majority of points have been collected for customers who have used them in the orthorectification process.

The Ground Control Point Archives includes points in the North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.

CompassData maintains its own GPS survey crews as well as 30 international partners capable of acquiring high-accuracy points anywhere in the world in a matter of weeks.

Data is only as good as the field staff’s collection process. CompassData has clear processes to ensure it’s always quality data.
Off the shelf ground control for small satellites
The CompassData archive is continuously updated; in fact in 2011 alone we added more than two thousand new GCPs to our archive, and crews are continuously collecting new GCPs across the globe.
There is no other archive like it: we offer the world's largest commercially available ground control data set, available for immediate download with standardized deliverables that allow the GCPs to be easily ingested into your GIS data and improve the accuracy of your digital maps. We even offer five different precision levels.
If your project requires Ground Control that we don't currently have, contact us about your collection needs. We can plan a data collection project, gather the points (either photoidentifiable or designed for LiDAR Control), and provide easily ingested final deliverables faster than you might imagine - anywhere in the world.
For more information on Ground Control Collection, contact us!