CompassTA™(Formerly Topo Analyst), the right choice for Accuracy and Topo Analyses

Is your LiDAR and elevation data accurate? Verify accuracy and quality automatically with CompassTA™.

CompassTA™ automatically tests and verifies the accuracy of elevation data products. CompassTA™ lets you test LiDAR point cloud data, DEM data products, and other raster elevation data. With CompassTA™ you can make sure you are creating, buying, or using elevation data that meet your specifications and mapping needs. Start with CompassTA™ and add the LiDAR Testing Extension to provide a complete solution for LiDAR elevation data verification and quality control.

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CompassTA™ enables elevation data producers, customers, and users to verify the accuracy and quality of the data by offering the following benefits:

  • Flexible Elevation Data Testing: Verify LiDAR point cloud data as well as raster DEMs and elevation data.
  • Differentiate Yourself from the Competition: Cost effectively verify that all elevation datum meet specs and produce the standardized reports to prove it.
  • Compliance: Load checkpoints with land cover type information to report accuracy per client requirements.
  • Automatic Results: Load reference X, Y, and Z data. Elevations from products are automatically extracted.
  • Standards-Based Reporting: Automatically document Fundamental Vertical Accuracy (FVA), SVAs, and CVA.
  • Fast Answers: Within minutes produce conclusive results. Do my products meet spec?
  • Scalable: Input tile layers then interact with and evaluate enormous LAS, DEM, Intensity, and Ortho data sets.
  • Extensible: Add the LiDAR Testing Extension to conduct exhaustive LiDAR testing and verification.
  • Adaptable: Use default settings for testing or adjust parameters based on project-specific requirements.
  • Shared Analytics: Accuracy and QC results are easily understood by producers, customers, and users.

For more information on CompassData’s Accuracy Tools, contact us.

CompassTA™ elevation accuracy software has received OCIO-ITS certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Certification allows 40,000 USDA users the opportunity to utilize CompassTA™ software for elevation accuracy verification of LiDAR point clouds, digital elevation models (DEM), and other raster data sets. See our press release.

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