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CompassAA™ (Formerly Accuracy Analyst), the right choice for Accuracy and Topo Analyses

Is your aerial imagery and satellite data accurate? Verify accuracy and quality automatically with CompassAA.

CompassAA is a simple, fast, and complete workflow solution to verify the accuracy and quality of orthophotos. This software’s consistent methods and readily understood capabilities benefit the planner, producer, customer, or end user of orthophotos. With CompassAA you can prove you are creating, delivering, buying, or using the ‘best available data’ within minutes. Use CompassAA to meet accuracy standards, produce reports that authoritatively document products, verify internal data meet specs and meet requirements for accurate, reliable orthophotos.


CompassAA enables ortho producers to seamlessly deliver verified data to customers by offering the following benefits:

  • Streamlined Accuracy and QC: CompassAA is a comprehensive orthophoto verification and QC review tool.
  • Professional Documentation: Comprehensive reports from CompassAA support the accuracy and quality of products.
  • Differentiate Yourself from the Competition: Cost effectively verify that all ortho products meet specs and produce the standardized reports to prove it.
  • Compliance: Statistical results satisfy all major accuracy standards (NSSDA, ASPRS, NMAS, and MIL).
  • No Lost Time: Quickly installed and mastered, with CompassAA your team can implement and produce within hours.
  • Standalone: Does not depend on other software tools or platforms for implementation and operation.
  • Shared Analytics: Accuracy and QC results are easily understood by producers, customers, and users.
  • Understanding: Through effective methods, tools, and reports, users better understand product accuracy.
  • Intuitive and Dynamic: Easily mastered user interface for zooming, panning, and trail tracking controls.
  • Flexible: Options control, ancillary data loading, image chip generation, and more…

Additional documents and detailed information:

CompassAA Frequently Asked Questions

Does CompassAA work with data that are in geographic latitude and longitude coordinates?

No. CompassAA works only with data that are in projected coordinate systems. It is important to know the projection information for your data and to collect and use data that are in the same projections as the standard projection(s) in use for your area… More

CompassAA Statistical Methods CDI

CompassAA produces several summary statistics to use as a measure of accuracy. Each of the statistics produced provides a different metric by which to judge and assess the data. This section will provide information on each of the statistical metrics provided by CompassAA. This section will also describe what each metric means and how it applies to a given project… More

CompassAA White Paper CDI

Accuracy Analyst: A Horizontal Accuracy Assessment Tool by Dr. Charles G. O’Hara and Anil Cheriyadat

Abstract—Spatial error analysis and estimation is an important task pertaining to geospatial imaging and mapping that can enable the user to establish the accuracy of information obtained from georeferenced images. Spatial error analysis techniques allow the user to quantify and understand spatial uncertainty and discrepancies in data… More

CompassAA Checkpoint Exclusion Guide

When performing an accuracy assessment in accuracy analyst, it may be
necessary to turn off a location and exclude it from the analysis. There are several reasons why this may occur, but in each case the user must have a justifiable reason for not including the point in the assessment… More

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