CompassData Fields a Global Network of Control Freaks

The Global Control Freaks® Network use a standardized approach to data collection to ensure quality, timely and accurate service.

So far, Control Freaks® have collected Ground Control Points on every continent on earth – except Antarctica. In 2011 alone, we collected more than 1,200 points, in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Eurasia. We have relationships with businesses, governments and individual surveyors all over the globe.

CompassData customers know that, no matter where in the world they need field data collection, when a Control Freaks® crew goes to get it, they will receive the same consistent quality deliverable, every time.

A data collection project that might take other firms months to plan can be accomplished by CompassData in a fraction of the time. We can facilitate collection, post-process it and supply it to the client in a consistent, accurate, easily-ingestible deliverable in less time than others can require in just setting up the team.
In the past decade, GNSS has changed how people move in their everyday lives. CompassData helps make the whole world more accessible.

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