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CompassData Maps the Gilpin County Underground Gas Pipeline and Verifies County Addresses

Gilpin County, Colorado, required the locating and mapping of 1200+ gas lines and meters ending at county residences to 1 ft accuracy.

The project area covered approximately 120 linear miles in Colorado’s mountainous high country. In this rural area, houses are spread apart and lines range from 200 – 1500 feet in length.

Gilpin County provided a preliminary shapefile of it main line and 1,000 geocoded addresses. However, many of the addresses were no longer valid as this town was recently annexed by neighboring city. In the annexation, most road names were changed. To make matters even more complicated, the physical numbers on houses were hard to spot due to dense tree coverage and sharp elevation changes.

CompassData Control Freaks used  lat / long to find houses and followed gas line branches off the main line.

Two crews were used; one to locate and one to map. The first crew started locating 5 days prior to the deployment of the mapping crew.

With the two crews, we averaged completion of around 50 lines a day. The crews mapped pipeline and also took photos of each house, gas meter and meter ID.

GIS map displaying an underground natural gas pipeline in Gilpin County, Colorado.