Welcome To the CompassData Inc. Blog!

Welcome to the official blog for CompassData, Inc.  We will keep this blog up to date with news about our company as well as information on how our services work and how to use the tools associated with our services. We maintain the largest commercially available archive of permanent, photo-identifiable GCPs (ground control points) in the…


We’re Climbing Denali!

At CompassData, we are extremely excited to announce our plans to embark on a mission to survey Mount McKinley, also known as Denali– the highest peak in North America. As long as the weather permits us to do so, we expect to gather several hours of GPS survey data from the mountain’s summit during the…


USGS Survey Monument

The one is USGS survey monument located on the wall of Ft. Jackson, Savannah, Georgia.  We were down there setting targets for an aerial imagery project.  As always, CompassData uses overlapping surveys of USGS monuments as a way to check our equipment day to day, and to understand the strength of the local CORS network.


Test The Tilt Is The Name Of The Game

It’s a beautiful day to test equipment! Brian is our Fields Operations Manger testing out a Trimble R10/TSC3 rover kit from CompassTools rental. The synergy of the two companies allows the OneCompass family to quickly meet and dramatically treat all your geospatial needs. Let CompassData help you with your solution needs! Click here. To learn…