Our Partners

Trimble GIS/GPS Solutions

All over the world, local, regional and federal government agencies, utility companies, and natural resource organizations utilize Trimble’s GPS/GIS solution to manage their geographically dispersed assets or resources.

CompassData’s sister company, CompassTools, has been a proud Trimble Dealer since 1994. CompassData has utilized Trimble equipment and software for field data collection and data processing since that time. The Trimble products that CompassData has employed include the R8, R10, UX5, Geo XR Geo 6000, Geo7X, Yuma, TruPulse Laser, TerraSync, TerraFlex, Pathfinder Office and the UX5 Aerial Imaging Rover.

CompassTools is certified to repair and rent Trimble equipment nationally and provide Trimble certified training on TerraSync and ArcPad within the AZ, CO, MN, NE, NM, SD, ND, and WY territory to whomever requires professional level training for these products.

Geodetic Consulting Services

Our direct relationship with an Authorized Trimble Dealer enables CompassData to acquire and utilize the latest GPS technology when collecting geospatial data in the field and processing geospatial data in the office.

The Trimble solution generally consists of a GPS-enabled, rugged handheld device that includes application software. Trimble's handheld units are the key tools used by field workers to collect and maintain field data. Increasingly, Trimble GIS solutions are also wirelessly enabled, allowing highly efficient exchange of data between the office and the field which will streamline your workflow.