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CompassData's Imagery Compression Software Partner: LizardTech

Reduce the file size of high resolution imagery data while retaining visual quality with GeoExpress® compression software from LizardTech®. CompassTools, CompassData’s sister company, is an authorized reseller of LizardTech® compression software. We are proud of this partnership which dates back to 2004.


LizardTech® GeoExpress® is the industry-standard geospatial compression software package for creating, viewing and publishing geospatial imagery.

LizardTech® Express Server® is a cost-effective solution designed to enable the distributioin of high-resolution imagery via the Internet without sacrificing image quality or legibility.

LizardTech® LiDAR Compressor® enables you to turn large point cloud data sets into efficient MrSID files that retain 100 percent of the raw data at just 25 percent of the original file size.

LizardTech® Express Suite® offers the complete package for your geospatial needs.

Look no further than CompassData for imagery compression expertise and support.

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