Our Partners

CompassData's GIS Mapping Solutions Partner: Esri

The Compass family of companies is proud of our business relationship with Esri that dates back to 1994. The Esri Partner Network is a global community of companies committed to developing and delivering progressive solutions and services for the ArcGIS Platform. CompassData has long been part of Esri GIS Mapping Solutions community and is now an Esri Silver Business Partner.


How we can leverage our ESRI partnership to meet your needs:

  • Web mapping with ArcGIS Online
  • Custom GIS solutions using ArcGIS
  • Imagery feature extraction

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Esri for many years to come. Future plans are to offer CompassData archive GCP and aviation imagery directly from ArcGIS Online Market Place to support users of the ArcGIS platform for imagery and remote sensing applications.

CompassData's Silver Business Partner status with Esri enables us to utilize the most recent advnces in GIS mapping technology to produce custom GIS products for our customers including Utility Mapping GIS products, Ranch Management GIS products and Web-Based Mapping products.