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CompassData's Remotely Sensed GCP Partner: Airbus Defense and Space

CompassData’s partner in collecting Remotely Sensed Ground Control Points (RSGCP®) is Airbus Defense and Space. Airbus Defense and Space holds the exclusive commercial distribution rights for TerraSAR-X. The mission was implemented in a Public-Private-Partnership between Airbus Defense and Space (formerly Astrium) and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

CompassData is an authorized dealer of the new Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensor technology, combined with the extremely precise on-orbit platform of the TerraSAR-X.

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Although GCPs collected by terrestrial means typically offer higher accuracies, this spaceborne approach is a significant milestone in control.

This is possible through:

  • A very high degree of orbital accuracy of the TerraSAR-X satellite, (residing in the centimeter range)
  • Very precise radar beam tracing
  • Extremely high resolution capabilities of the satellite and the resulting high geolocation accuracy of the SAR imagery (<1m in Range and Azimuth for two collection modes)

The sensor is highly suited for collecting precise and accurate 3D ground information regardless of weather or daylight conditions.

For more information about the TerraSAR-X and Airbus Defense and Space visit: www.astrium-geo.com/

About Airbus Defense and Space GEO-Information Services
Airbus Defense and Space’s GEO-Information Services Division is one of the leading providers of geo-information products and services for managing the development, environment and security of the changing world. A part of this Division, the German Airbus Defense and Space holds the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for the German radar satellite TerraSAR-X, enabling the company to provide weather-independent, high-resolution radar data of a new quality, as well as reliable data access services.

Airbus letter of recommendation

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Dr. Vark Helfritz, Managing Director of Infoterra (the GEO-Information business division of Airbus), and W. Brant Howard (right), CEO of CompassData, signed a three year agreement to provide Remotely Sensed Ground Control through satellite technology.
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