CompassData to Unveil CompassV&V Product Line at Esri User Conference

Summer 2014

Visit us in booth #2307 at the Esri User Conference in San Diego next month where we will be unveiling our new CompassV&V line of products and services. ‘V&V’ stands for and Verification and Validation which refers to the capabilities of the Accuracy Analyst and Topo Analyst software tools CompassData purchased from Spatial Information Solutions in March. Under our CompassV&V line, we have rebranded these tools as CompassAA and CompassTA. In addition, we’ve expanded custom Validation Services for imagery and LiDAR data.

The CompassV&V software tools are content enhancement solutions that automate map accuracy verification and eliminate manual processing, ensuring consistent quality control of geospatial products with generated reports. CompassAA offers a complete workflow to verify the accuracy of orthorectified imagery. CompassTA performs similar accuracy tests on elevation products, including LiDAR point clouds. If you would prefer to have third-party quality assurance conducted on imagery or LiDAR products, our team can do the Validation Services for you using CompassData ground control and the new software tools.

Enhancements to CompassAA and CompassTA are in the works. You’ll find the new tools are easier to access and integrate into your workflow. Below is an image depicting accuracy verification of an orthorectified image with ground control points. This image was produced using CompassAA. Try the software for free for 30 days by contacting Jeff Barker at moc.c1529953860niata1529953860dssap1529953860moc@b1529953860ffej1529953860 or 303-627-4058.

Oil & Gas Asset Mapping: What’s On Your Well Site?

As a demonstration pilot for a Colorado oil & gas firm, a CompassData crew spent a couple days showing how many different ways a single good pad can be surveyed, mapped and inventoried, both above and below ground, with all data integrated into an Esri geodatabase for easy access and retrieval.

First, we acquired a high-resolution image over the good pad to serve as an up-to-date base map for the GIS. Then we tapped into a local VRS network for real-time GPS correction as we collected highly accurate GCPs at the site to orthorectify the image. We validated its accuracy with our CompassAA software product. Next, we extracted a variety of elevation and surface models from the orthoimage data that can be used to support the creation of spill prevention plans for the site.

For part of the infrastructure inventory, we used our smartphones and Trimble’s TerraFlex application to snap geotagged photos of batteries tanks, surface pipelines, and other equipment, populating digital attribute menus for each feature. These photos and attributes can be instantly uploaded to a secure cloud where a GIS manager can instantly integrate them into the Esri layer for easy viewing.

We also brought the new Trimble V10 Imaging Rover to capture ground-based photogrammetric information. At 53 points across the well pad, we set up the V10, acquired a GNSS point, and then collected a 360-degree panoramic image comprised of 12 individual photos. Using Trimble Business Center, we can accurately locate and measure the dimensions of all features on the well pad. These panoramic images were also loaded into ArcMap for easy viewing.

Finally, we used a Trimble Geo6000 GNSS receiver to map the locations of underground pipes as well as additional onsite asset information such as manufactures make and model of the equipment, serial numbers and so on. Our partner Jason Patten with Front Range Line Services used a locator to find and mark the berried pipelines before we arrived so that our crews could set up the Geo6000 on the marks and map the underground routes. The points, along with photos taken with the GNSS device, were also integrated into the Esri geodatabase.

With just a couple of days work, our crew created an accurate and up-to-date photographic inventory of all assets at the well pad, each feature precisely mapped and described in an Esri geodatabase for easy future access.

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Control Freaks make sure that Utility Mapping projects are done on time, in budget and completely. CompassData provided more than 300 miles of pipeline mapping for Summit Utilities.

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Test Sites Established Worldwide for Image Sensor Validation
It seems like a new Earth observation satellite constellation is announced or launched just about every other month. And every new imaging sensor system put into orbit will require calibration to ensure the acquired images are geometrically accurate. The most effective way to accomplish this is by validating the locations of multiple photo-identifiable surface features seen in the images against high-quality GCPs.
To simplify this process, for both satellite and aerial imaging systems, we have established a network of 14 calibration test sites around the world. Spaced over a variety of latitudes, each site contains a high-density of multiple GCPs that CompassData crews have captured and stored in our archive for immediate licensing. System operators can quickly and inexpensively obtain these GCPs to validate new sensors today and ensure the accuracy of generated image products in the future. CompassData is also collecting GCPs for our aviation projects at 100s of airports around the globe. These GCPs make ideal calibration points for aerial imagery cameras that are being installed in new airframes. Visit our website and read this white paper for a list of the test sites.

Get Orthorectified WorldView-3 Products from Us
Just like the rest of the remote sensing industry, we are eagerly awaiting the launch of DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 satellite later this summer. We are proud to be a reseller of DigitalGlobe products and services. With our internal processing capabilities and GCP archive, we can create and deliver custom imagery products from both the current and future satellites operated by DigitalGlobe. Keep us in mind for your next high-resolution imagery purchase.