CompassData: Leading the Field in GIS Control Since 1994

There is no company in the world with more experience or reach in GIS Control than CompassData. However, ground control is only one of the geospatial services which are offered by CompassData.

CompassData has expanded our geospatial service offerings to include ranch mapping, natural resource management, aerial imagery collection, underground utility locating and map production (using any media including metal).  On this website we are posting just a few of our stories and sample projects, including work we are doing with federal government agencies such as FEMA and the USGS/NAIP, public companies such as Microsoft/Bing, and local governments such as rural, mountainous Gilpin County, Colorado.

Ready for anything, the Control Freaks at CompassData can be deployed anywhere in the world at a moments notice!

MO pipeline

Above is an image of a GIS map created as part of a recent utility mapping project.

Whatever your requirements, it is likely we've encountered something similar and we can therefore put our experience toward streamlining your project.

For more examples of our work please contact us.